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Serita, which means work to prevent sexual offences, funded by the finnish funding centre for social welfare and health organisation (STEA), is a joint form of work by the associoations Oulu mother and child home and shelter association and Vuolle Setlement, which started in 2017.

We provide Low threshold service to prevent sexual offences. You have anonymous, free of charge possibility to talk about your situation and your life stage with professional. You can also talk how you can prevent troubling situations in the future.

We provide phone consultation and face-to-face individual consultation, and possibility to continue your process with “Uusi Suunta” (new direction) -individual rehabilitation. We provide safe, confidential, and equal conversation help for your situation toward life without crime.

Our work is low-threshold service and is it

  • confidential
  • equal
  • individual
  • anonymous
  • free of charge
  • safe
  • professional

You do not need referral from doctor or other health professional.

You can come alone or with someone close to you Foundation of our work

Foundation of our work

Sexual rights and obligations belong to everyone.

Everyone has right to good sexual life and sexual health.

Everyone has right to sexual counselling and sexual education in all stages of life.

To Whom?

You are worried about your own sexual behaviour

You have a sexual offence on your background.

Your sexual behaviour is turning into illegal activity.

You need support to set your own sexual bounders.

You are worried about sexual behaviour of someone close to you.

Our Goals

To support and help you to set your sexual boundaries and to stay inside them.

To support you for safe healthy sexuality.

To help you have a life without crime.

Desire and the rational self

“The world doesn´t have to please me.”

“If we listen to desire, it looks for justifications for its activities. It want to make things a reality, it wants to enjoy. And so it makes us see facts even in thing where they don´t exist.”

“I´ve never felt bad because I can´t do what I´d like to do. That´s not something I´ve ever been upset about. I´ve been upset because I haven´t come up with any other way to feel that I have a full life.”

This is a collection of discussions between Juhani and sex therapist (Ulla Konttila) over a year. The quopations above are Juhani´s own words. He presents a mental method that can help people live with any preference without hurting anyone. This way of thinking can be applied to other mental issues, too. Juhani experiences sexual interest in children, and he has received lessons for coping with it from the wise part of his mind, that he calls the rational self. He wants to tell people that a preference in itself does not make anyone a monster. The discussions touch on themes and books about sexology, psychology and philosophy. In addition to Juhani´s life story, the sessions also took in the cultural background to the topic. But the greatest honour and pleasure as author is to present the voice of reason that makes you stop and think: the rational self.

The author of the book has been involved in the Serita-work as an expert in the work on sexual violence since 2019. She is trained psychiatric nurse, sexual counsellor, sex therapist and tantric instructor. Before Serita-work, se worked extensively as a psychiatric nurse for the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services of the city of Oulu. This book by Ulla Konttila is a significant contribution to the field that makes it easier to discuss the topic rationally.

The book is translated in English and will be published at 30.3.2022 in this site and it´s available for free.